Group Weight Loss Coaching

I spent most of my life struggling with my weight. I tried diet after diet and workout after workout. I’d lose weight, but of course I gained it back.

Then in 2018, I tried something I never tried before. I asked God what I needed to change about myself. Among other things, He told me to eliminate dairy and sugar (my best friend!) from my diet for 90 days. That means I spent over 7 million seconds (yea I did the math) without my comfort and emotional crutch-sweets. Thus began my journey of giving my relationship with food and my health over to God. I can say without question that allowing God to take the lead is the ONLY way I have been able to keep off over 70 lbs of extra weight. If He did for me, He can do it for you and I can show you how.

Join my new Transformation Group Coaching for Weight Loss program. I will show you how you can grow closer to God during your health journey, lose weight and KEEP IT OFF.

Basic Transformation Package

What you get:

  • Weekly 1-1.5 hour group coaching calls 
  • Weekly check ins for encouragement and accountability
  • Immediate actionable steps so that you can begin to see results NOW
  • Access to proven strategies, and resources to help you thrive
  • Email support for up to 3 months after end of program
  • Facebook community and support
  • New supportive relationships with like minded women to help you reach your goals

Investment: One time payment of $198 for 6 months (~$33/month)


Two payments of $105

VIP Transformation Package

  • Basic Transformation package PLUS
  • 6 self paced videos teaching you how to get to the root of your issues with weight so you can lose it and keep it off
  • The Transformation workbook complete with food journal, challenges, bible studies and more
  • 6 one on one coaching sessions
  • 6 video workouts
  • Personal and priority email support

Investment: One time payment of $375 for 6 months


Two payments of $190

Sign Up for Transformation Group Coaching!


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