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My struggles with my weight began when I was about 8 years old. I went from being average size for my age, to being the ‘chunky’ friend seemingly overnight.

I finished my first year of college with the obligatory Freshman 15 plus some. I then went on graduate school and continued gaining. By the time I graduated I was 190 lbs.

But I didn’t stop there.

After getting married, changing jobs, and having my first two children my weight peaked at 222 lbs. Not only was I overweight, but I struggled with sleep apnea, knee pain and an overall discomfort and disappointment in my body.

I started to believe that I would always be overweight. Giving up certain foods and second and third helpings was just too hard. All the diets and workouts I had tried just didn’t work.

It wasn’t until I finally had enough and invited the Holy Spirit to help me overcome my battle with my weight that I finally began to see a light at the tunnel…

and the numbers on the scale begin to drop.

Fast forward several years later and I have lost and kept off over 75 lbs. What did it for me was not latest diet, flat belly tea or workout. It was the Lord and the work I finally allowed Him to do in me.

With His help and guidance I realized that the problem wasn’t just what I was eating. The problem resided in my spirit, mind, and my body.

I had not given Him complete control over what I ate (spirit).

I had very negative self defeating views about myself, my weight and food in general (mind).

I had just plain old poor eating habits (body).

My coaching helps women like you align their spirit, mind, and body so you can live your best, healthiest life. A truly healthy lifestyle lives in a way that recognizes that it is not enough to just focus on one part of ourselves. We must align our spirit, mind and body with the word of God.

I take a completely holistic approach in helping you reflect, evaluate, and take action so that you can live the healthy and fulfilling life God designed for you to live. 

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More About Me…

In addition to help women all over the world draw nearer to God and live their healthiest, most fulfilling life through coaching, my blog and podcast I am also a social work professor. As a former social worker, I use the skills I honed in the mental health field to help clients overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.  I obtained a Bachelors degree in Education and a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Missouri. I earned my life coach certification from the American Association of Christian Counselors. It is my joy to help my clients achieve their goals and live the lives God has called them to live.

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Photography by Isabella Sidwell
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